Amazing Cod Receipe

Amazing Cod Receipe

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Cod is the common name for the many members of the Gadide family. The two most important species of cod are Atlantic Cod  and the Pacific Cod.  Cod is popular as a food with a mild flavor and a dense white flesh. Young Atlantic cod is also called scrod.  Cod can grow to 2 meters in length and weigh up to 200 lbs. It can live for 25 years.

The Pacific cod,  is an important commercial food species. It is also known as  grey cod or  greyfish. . A bottom dweller, it is found mainly along the continental shelf and upper slopes.  The Alaska pollock or walleye pollock  is a marine fish species of the cod family.  Norwegian Pollock , a rare fish of Norwegian waters, is likely the same species as the Alaska Pollock   The Sable fish is also cod, as in the black cod and rock cod.

Many varieties of fish are called cod, black cod, rock fish, but it all will pan cook the same way, delicately, and flakey.

When I prepare pan cod I serve it around a garnish plate also. I saute, in a garlic or basil infused olive oil, my tomatoes along with fresh rosemary and oregano ferom my garden. I add a jigger of cooking cream sherry to the mixture and then let sit.  I serve this dish with a small fingerling potato, the tomato garnish and several pieces of asparagus for a well rounded low fat protein meal. I also will serve it wiyh some tarter, meyer lemon wedges, and a sprig of parsley as garnish.