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Many anglers have been brought to tears in fights with the Bluefin Tuna. Grown men who fought for hours only to lose the magnificent beast. Those who have ...
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Amazing Boats
Say hello to the Ultraskiff! This thing is 360 degrees of awesome. Its designed for a wider array of activities like fishing, hunting, and other leisurely activities, but ...
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Now this would make one hell of a bowfishing experience! Meet Jörg Sprave: A German inventor (at least we’d think so) and youtuber behind The Slingshot Channel. Jörg ...
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Known to eat pretty much anything, Large Mouth Bass have a hunger that is second to none! These fresh water fish are predators in their own right, with eating ...
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Amazing Funny Videos
I never thought I’d see a catch like this! Ever heard of fishing with an RC boat? Well we hadn’t either, and it looks amazing! Gleno2008 the up-loader and ...
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Amazing Ocean Sharks Underwater Footage
Courtland Hunt is an angler (and youtube creator) that strives to never be outdone. You may remember him from a few months back when he took his Glock ...
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Amazing Ocean
This guy is either really experienced or really lucky, because this is amazing! I’ve seen a lot of spearfishing footage on the internet, but this is definitely one ...
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Amazing Underwater Footage
These here are world record bass, just waiting to get caught! The fine folks over at the TacticalBassin YouTube channel shared some pretty amazing underwater footage with us ...
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Amazing Camping
Fishing and camping go hand in hand. I remember many nights spent out by the, lake poles set up over night hoping for an early morning bite. We’d ...
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Amazing Boats
Jarret Bay Boatworks has created a masterpiece! A true pièce de résistance of the boating world. Feast your eyes on the best of what the amazing world of ...
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