Best Northern Pike, Muskee and Walleye Lake

Best Northern Pike, Muskee and Walleye Lake

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Lake Vermilion, is a massive lake, island system. There are many islands, resorts, fishing camps and guides. Everything from tackle, bait, guides, and resort boats are available year round. Because of the size of this lake system its probably the best for quantity and size

Fishing pressure not great. Average size pike is about 28 to 34 inches. Many other species exist here as well, however the pike will just jump onto your hook. Fishing the lake in April and May results in pike in their spawning period and not deep.

I prefer to fish this lake in late August through late October when the pike are feeding in anticipation of icing over. They will bite at anything during this period.

Numerous species of fish are readily available. Large and small mouth bass are abundant in this system.

The video below shows the size of fish coming out of this system.