How To Catch A Marlin… On A JetSki?

How To Catch A Marlin… On A JetSki?

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Matt Watson isn’t your everyday fisherman…

Well maybe on paper he is, but he has been known to partake in what is known as stunt fishing, which can only be described by seeing some of the crazy sort of shenanigans he has pulled off, including diving from a helicopter in order to wrangle a marlin! 

Watson has a show broadcast on New Zealand’s TV ONE: Ultimate Fishing,  and though it may not be shown around the globe, through the power of the internet, we still get to see his amazing fishing videos!

Well, what else has our favorite unabridged fisherman done?

How about fishing for marlin, from a jet-ski! (The guy sure does love to go fishing for marlin)! This may be the pinnacle of marlin fishing however, as jet-skis allow for much more maneuverability. That means the bait on the line will look a lot more natural moving through the water.

The catch is impressive, but you’ve got to realize how potentially dangerous this could be. If the marlin gets desperate enough and comes flying at you, there’s no where for you to go! The marlin will just land back in the water with you if you had to dodge it, that’s just a recipe for disaster!

Matt was able to pull it off, and while we don’t suggest following in his footsteps, it’s a great watch!