Fishing With Fire, You Have To See This!

Fishing With Fire, You Have To See This!

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If you have a burning passion for fishing you have to check this technique out!

Fire fishing is exactly what it sounds like, but is nothing like anything you’ve seen before. A Taiwanese tradition that goes back for hundreds of years it is one of the most impressive forms of sardine fishing we’ve ever seen.

Best done at night, the technique involves lighting the end of a bamboo stick torch filled with sulfur, creating a massive flame that sends a blazing light into the depths causing sardines to leap up and try to touch it leaving them incredibly vulnerable to nets.

As of now the practice is an incredibly rare phenomenon, with only three boats still keeping the tradition alive, a staggering drop from the original 300 boats that practiced the technique.

The average age of the fisherman who practice fire fishing is 60

The traditional technique is also limited by the short season it can be attempted in. While it can be very lucrative for captains and their crew, who can make over $4,500 on a good night, there is only a 3 month window in which the sardines can be harvested in this manner, leaving crews high and dry for the rest of the year.

This is a must have experience, but no-one knows for sure how much longer the tradition will hold. The Taiwanese Government recognizes its value and offers subsidies to those fisherman who practice fire fishing keeping the tradition alive for a bit longer at the very least.