Gigantic Goliath Grouper Tried To Drown This Guy!

Gigantic Goliath Grouper Tried To Drown This Guy!

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Every day we find videos of people catching the illustrious and amazing fish known as the Atlantic Goliath Grouper.

Thing is, they always make it look so darn easy…

We forget sometimes, with these all these fine examples that taking down one of these baddies is actually quite the difficult endeavor.  These guys on average reach a length of up to 8 feet long, and a weight of 800 pounds, although some have been found over the 1000 pound mark!

Needless to say, you have to be prepared to bring one of these monstrosities down!

This guy thought he may have had the gear and may have thought he had the experience, but when it came down to it this fisherman didn’t think it would be this much of a challenge!

Dustin, the angler in question was given the fight of his life having squared up against the gargantuan grouper. The fish was really testing the limits of Dustin’s 1000 lb line when suddenly it switched directions and pulled the unsuspecting angler from his boat and into the Atlantic waters off of Boca Grande Pass!

After unwillingly plunging into the depths (backwards I might add) Dustin pulled himself back on board. Lucky for him his fishing buddy was with him to keep the fight going.

Check out the video below to see whether or not Dustin settled the score!