Gourmet Crispy Salmon Cook

Gourmet Crispy Salmon Cook

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Cooking crispy, flaky salmon is an art. Plating it is even more of an art, but if you want restaurant quality presentations and gourmet cooking to present your catch, then here is the video that can get you started. Very important to the dish’s integrity  is the type of oil used, as well as the simple seasoning that will make the dish a sensation in your household.

The rustic potato preparation This dish is prepared with new fingerling mashed potatoes mixed with crab meat and layered underneath the salmon  as a plating presentation. presentation  The potatoes are chilled in the fridge, placed in a pan that has some warm olive oil on the bottom and fork mash the potatoes and gently heat. Cut up an add a good bunch of green onion whites included and mix the onion. Then add fresh crab meat { a quantity equal to the amount of potatoes) , chop and add fresh cilantro. Maintain temperature at warm. Add ample vinaigrette made of  olive oil, water, lemon juice and salt and pepper. Keep warm not hot.

The drizzled tomato halves In the oven when the salmon is 1/2 way cooked.  Saute halved tomatoes seasoned with salt and pepper and drizzled with olive oil.  Try about 5 minutes at 400 and 1 min, on broil.

The Salmon Cook Place a high quality oil ( Grapeseed ) on the bottom of the pan.  Heat to low sizzle.  Place 4 portions of  wild salmon  skin down and pepper and salt the top with Cracked pepper and Kosher Coarse salt.  Score salmon on top side to 1/2 an inch deep and drizzle with basil infused olive oil.  Watch color of the salmon change as it cooks.  The color should change in about 4 minutes and climb to 2/3ds the way up when this occurs the bottom should be crispy golden. Flip the salmon portions and watch the bottom golden out

The plateing  Finally, remove tomatoes from oven  and arrange on bottom dish and place warm potato crab salad  in center of  tomato ring. Place salmon on top and garnish with sprig parsley and meyer lemon wedges.