This Great White Reminds Us Why We’re Never Safe…

This Great White Reminds Us Why We’re Never Safe…

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You’re out to sea, sure maybe it wont be a long journey but that’s okay, you’re in a boat, you really don’t have to worry about any of the sea creatures lurking beneath, right?


This Great White shark obviously wanted to remind this boat full of people of that fact, when it decided to attack their part rubber inflatable watercraft! Just off the coast of Mossel Bay, South African Tour Operator Rainer Schimpf had a tour group out towards seal island. Referred to one of South Africa’s best kept secrets, these seal island runs are a favorite among those who visit Port Elizabeth.

We very much doubt however that the folks on this tour, will be out again anytime soon. Great Whites are massive creatures, with the ability to grow up to 21 feet long and 15 million years of genetic variation powering it they are by far the apex predators of the sea, aside from perhaps the Orca!

The Great White, a female, was around 15 feet long!

As soon as the shark bit into the inflated sides of the craft everyone on board became excited. You can hear everyone yelling about it, and everyone made sure to get a picture of the rampaging and possibly hungry Great White

Rainer was able to keep his cool, and got everyone back to safety!