Guarantee You’ve Never Seen Bait Cast Like This!

Guarantee You’ve Never Seen Bait Cast Like This!

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Now this is a BAIT CASTER!

Ever wanted to pull in the big boys from the deep, but you don’t have a boat?

Cry no more onshore fisher, and check out this beach fishing bait casting cannon! This thing is 100% Bad-ass and honestly just looks like a blast (pun-intended) to use! The device, accurately named the Sand Blaster Bait Caster has the ability to launch your bait over 300 yards!

What does that mean for you, you ask?

Well now you can easily enjoy reeling in massive catches, all from the comfort of the beach! You won’t have to hope on some sort of impossibly lucky scenario, where a big one just happens to wander too close to shore. With a distance of 300 yards that’s about a sixth of a mile out into the water, which is more than enough distance to start catching some sizable fish!

The video here showcases just how this thing works, and all the fish that had been caught using this monstrosity of a device including a 6 ft long shark! While it may not be super portable, it does seem to be effective. The device is loaded with what appears to be a capsular frozen fish attached to a hook shaped by a mold that comes with the device, allowing the bait to fit the cannons barrel properly. With the line hooked in and the mold removed it’s ready to be loaded and fired. A DC air compressor does its work, and sends the bait flying!

Check it out!