Those Guys Better Get Out The Way…

Those Guys Better Get Out The Way…

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No dock, no problem… Right!?

When your whole town lives and breathes fishing, you tend to do things a little differently. Take the sleepy Alaskan town of Ninichik, Alaska. A small but tight-woven community made up of less than 1, 000 people, where folks are accustomed to living off the land, and fishing for a living.

Fishing is such a large source of income for the community, that the area is home to a massive packing facility that thrives on seasonal hires coming from all over.

Salmon fishing is an industry here, the town itself is a popular tourism attraction for sportfishers and day-to-day anglers alike.

These people live and breathe fishing!

When you become accustomed to these sort of circumstances, certain habits are formed. What once would have seemed brave becomes menial, but to outsiders stands to look absolutely insane.

This is just one of those things!

They say there’s a right way and a wrong way to do everything but when it comes to stopping a fishing boat, I don’t think they anticipated this way. These two Ninilchik natives are doing what seems to be absolutely insane, just standing around as a fishing boat comes flying in at them at high speeds! In what would make a diaper wearer out of most folks they stared the boat down in front of them knowing that they had a task to complete: they were going to stop this boat in a way that is unimaginable to most, in a way they’ve done hundreds of times before!

These guys had no dock to park it, just a hitch and a couple of guards to guide the ship in. Amazingly the ship is stopped just in time and the guys give a glance to the camera with a smirk that says of course it did, it’s what we do!

Check it out for yourself, it’s some pretty amazing stuff!