The Largest Fish Ever Caught… With An RC Boat?!?!

The Largest Fish Ever Caught… With An RC Boat?!?!

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I never thought I’d see a catch like this!

Ever heard of fishing with an RC boat? Well we hadn’t either, and it looks amazing! Gleno2008 the up-loader and remote-controlled fisherman built this device all by himself completely from scratch and it wasn’t cheap. The parts came up to around $800 on their own, while it cost him roughly another $100 to get it all together.

Looks like it paid off in the end!

The boat, which he likes to call the Interceptor Gen 2 is well built, and suited for taking on fish a bit larger than what you’d expect. A flat, sturdy base capable of fitting a decent sized fishing rod to its strong metal frame. But none of that would work without a remote-controlled reel that allows him to bring the fish in without being completely hands on!

Looking for one to call your own?

You could build yours from scratch, It’d cost you a pretty penny and would take a good amount of time. But if you’re looking for an easier path RC Fishing World has you covered. They sell full package RC boats with fishing poles pre-fitted. Already have your own RC Boat, well they sell poles specifically meant to be attached to the boat you already have at home.

Check out why you need one here: