Line Caught Prized Bluefin Tuna

Line Caught Prized Bluefin Tuna

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Sushi restaurants and bars worldwide consume all the bluefin tuna caught. Blue fin tuna are the rarest and can be the most expensive fish in the world. Bluefin tuna is sought after for its fat content.  The fat is call toro. O-toro is the most prized portion of the blue fin tuna. O-toro  comes from the lower belly of the fish towards the head. The second most desirable cut is the Chutoro, a lower top quality, taken from the tuna belly at the center but is not as marbled when compared to. o-toro sushi.Throughout Japan, and the world, all of the blue fin tuna is graded from the quality of the slices of oily meat which are cut from them.

Sushi grade tuna is handled in a very special way. Once the raw tuna gets to the actual wholesaler or auction  center examples of the tissue are generally obtained using a probe like instrument to allow  for the pigment, consistency, and flavor from the meat to be evaluated prior to the tuna being valued. Some blue fin can sell for well over one million dollars.

O-toro is taken from the actual under-belly inside the tuna, and it is by itself separated into grades which happen to be recognized according to the marbling through out the steak, very similar to inside grading beef. By far the most precious

Blue fin tuna is commercially caught and also farmed raised. Most of the world’s catch ends up in Japan. The fish is pelagic and is sport fished by anglers throughout the world.  Blue fin can turn up anywhere in the world and in the United States recent weather patterns have made San Diego a prized fishing area for the blue fin.

This fish was worth $841.000 dollars, caught after a four hour battle between the angler and the Blue Fin off of Prince Edward Island

Many anglers have caught blue fin in an afternoon or overnight charter.  The average size is around 200 lbs. Occasionally, however, someone will strike an extremely large, 600 to 900 lb fellow, and that is where the money comes in. Most fisheries, however, restrict how a bluefin is caught, and usually prevent sport fishing anglers from selling their catch. If, however, they succeed in selling it stateside the fish will fetch somewhere between 9 thousand and 16 thousand dollars. If it is of high enough quality and can be sent to japan instantly for next morning auction the fish brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars.