Pan Seared Sword Fish Dill Tomato

Pan Seared Sword Fish Dill Tomato

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Sword fish is a very flavorful fish when properly cooked. It is an oily fish ( flesh contains 30% oil) and does well in a stove top pan. I season the sword fish well, and cook it stove top in a heavy cast iron pan (do not use a no stick light weight pan). First I prepare the tomatoes  for cooking  (halve, and squeeze out seeds) using olive oil and white wine, a smidgen of garlic and chopped shallots I cook the mixture. I place the tomatoes face down in the  mixture.  I add the chopped dill and drizzle with more wine oil mixture and place the pan on the stove or in the oven to cook (usually about 10 minutes).

The benefits of fatty, oily fish are Omegas, and vitamins A and D

I heat  olive oil in by heavy cast iron frying pan and place the sword fish in and watch. When the sword fish  starts to change color about 1/2 way up the body  I flip it. Meanwhile,   I sautee, either, mustard greens, dandelions, arugula, or baby spinach in a butter, olive oil garlic mixture. add a pinch of salt.

Plating this dish is fast and easy. I place 2 halves of the roasted dill tomatoes on the bottom of each plate and the sword fish on top,  I add the cooked greens with a squeeze of lemon, drizzle the fish again with the juice of the fry and add tarter sauce, and lemon wedges and serve.