Smoking Salmon At Home

Smoking Salmon At Home

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Amazing recipe, and great taste. This is what you do with your catch when you bring it home.  Teach your kids to eat lean, and smart. Throw out the Twinkies and reduce the  beef . This type of food and this type of eating for kids will ensure a heart healthy diet for the kids and provide them with the omega 3 needed for their heart health.

This is a simple recipe with 3 basic ingredients. Adding a glace is always optional, but adds to the distinctiveness of the morsel,

Smoking salmon is a pleasant treat along with fruit and a bit of brie, or just by it self. Snack after school, since the kids are always hungry its better than Taco Bell, beats Mc’Donalds too, and enforces smart and healthy eating habits.

My favorite flavor is apple wood chips, which I spread over the coals or pellets in my smoker.  But you don,t need a smoker, just a barbecue grill if you don’t have one. Now if you can’t access the great outdoors, then apple wood chips in a bowl of water, in a warm oven, (200 F) or on the warm cycle, can do the trick in about 3 or 4 hours. Remember to keep the wet steaming applewood underneath the fish you are smoking.