Smoking Your Catch In Camp

Smoking Your Catch In Camp

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Smoking your catch in camp is easier than you think. A good look at this video will give you an idea how to do it. Just bring along a baggie of salt, brown sugar, baggie of wood chips, and foil, and your in business. You and your buddies can smoke in camp, and have plenty of protein for the duration of your trip and the long walk out if you backpacked into the wilds for some super salmon or trout.

Although Southern California is limited in isolated lakes and tributary streams still when we find them we tend not to tell a soul.

Many of the super areas are no vehicle access spots, alpine lakes and tributaries, unspoiled by the presence of other fellow anglers, and awaiting your fly rod, or hook and bait. In southern California those locations are limited, but still exist, in Malibu, Topanga Canyon Area, and the Cleveland and Angeles National forests, and some upper alpine streams and lakes in Tahoe.

If you want a slow preserving smoke just tripod your catch on a makeshift tripod with a stick made shelf and allow fire smoke to cure your catch over a 3 hour period. Very soft, dead wet wood works for creating the necessary smoke and heat you need. In a 3 hour smoke with salted sugared fish on a horizontal stick rack on a stick made tripod works just fine. I have done it several times, tripod about 5 feet tall, rack made from damp twigs about 3o inches above fire, salmon or trout skin side down and a low heat wet smokey fire.Works really well. I had salmon for 4 days on my trip as traveling snacks, and for breakfast.