This Spearfisherman’s Quick Thinking Saved His Life!

This Spearfisherman’s Quick Thinking Saved His Life!

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Tyler McQuillen, a Twenty-Two year old college student based out of  California’s Central Coast, was not ready to die!

McQuillen and his pals were out spear fishing off the coast of Santa Barbara, California when terror struck, and a Great White attempted to make a meal out of the diver!

Tyler and his friends were only in depths of 10 feet of water when out of nowhere, a massive Great White decided he was going to chomp down on the 22 year old’s toes!

When I was hit in the back, I thought it was my friends playing a joke on me”

It didn’t take long for the college student to realize that it was no sadistic prank, and that he was in some serious trouble!

[I] Thought I was going to die”

To make matters worse, the shark caused McQuillen to drop his speargun. Quick witted as he was fast acting, Tyler retrieved his speargun in time before the gargantuan and dangerous fish came in for the kill.

Tyler’s GoPro caught the pivotal moment when the shark returned and McQuillen prodded the beast with his speargun! The Great White fled in the interest of self preservation, and McQuillen was able to make it back to shore safe and sound, albeit a little banged up!

All in all McQuillen was incredibly lucky to make it out alive, and only with two broken toes!