Ten Thousand Lakes

Ten Thousand Lakes

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Minnesota, The Land of Ten Thousand Lakes,  actually 11,842 lakes, was named by the  Dakota Indians and means Clear Blue Water. Minnesota sports some of the best fishing travel trips, camps, lodges, and year round fishing. Depending on what you are fishing as well as when you plan your trip will determine which area of Minnesota you should fish.

Most all fishing is in the North Woods, or what is referred to as the Northern Lakes and Forests area of  Minnesota, which are covered with conifers and deciduous broad leaf forests, many lakes, swamps and bogs.

The North Woods area became a fishing camp resort lodge mecca for wealth sportsmen around the beginning of the twentieth century.

The area is abundant is sport fish species. Some of the species are Catfish, Bullhead, Small mouth and large mouth bass, perch, Bluegill, Trout, Salmon, Sturgeon, Crappie,  Walleye, and Northern Pike.

The top Pike lakes are Mil Lac, South Center, Upper Red, Sallie, Leech, Vermilion,  Independence, and Big Birch Lake.

In  the forthcoming months this blog will report on   many North Lake and  Forest travel adventures,  lodging and camps, and great fishing and stocking reports.
The video you are about to see shows the Tip Up Method of targeting and fishing for giant pike on the ice.