Trout On A Log

Trout On A Log

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If you are ever out in the wilds, in a hike in situation, then you are a serious fisherman. Usually the walk in lakes are less used by anglers (wonder why) These lakes are usually stocked and the populations usually increase with self propagation.

Nothing is sweeter than the taste of fresh trout, just filleted and fried, forty minutes out of the water.

So you are back in the woods, in God’s country and  usually don’t bring much in the way of foodstuffs. You need a source of protein, understandably you eat what you catch. Now comes the art of preparing your supper.  Of course your backpack is void of a filet table so you improvise. You find a log, seek out a flat spot on the surface and proceed to create supper. It’s an art indeed, and can be the difference between a miserable trip and an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Remember, you need a super sharp filet knife and about 4 minutes per fish. While you are filleting the fish, your fire should be heating the pan. A little rub of saltpork and in goes the fish. Three minutes to dinner.