Wait!? Did That Fish Really Just Drink… A Beer!?

Wait!? Did That Fish Really Just Drink… A Beer!?

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This one is for the books, file it under things we thought we’d never see… ever!

What in the world is happening here, we’re at a loss for words and can’t really believe or fathom what just happened in this ridiculous footage coming out of Brazil!

Three angler friends out on a lake sharing some beers and enjoying the calm of nature surrounding them as they sit and wait for their cast lines to feel a tug. That right there is about the last thing to make sense about this video!

Seemingly out of nowhere this little dude, a tiny little fresh water fish decides to hop on board, literally hanging by its fin off the edge of the boat as if to say hello to the fishermen in the boat. But no, it doesn’t stop there, whenever you meet a new friend and you have beer it’s customary to offer said new friend a beer.

Now you know what it means to “drink like a fish”!

Well that is exactly what happened here! We just can’t make this one up. One of the anglers reached out to give the fish some liquid courage, and it drank… boy did it drink! You can see the fish gulping it down as the fisherman pours for him! Eventually the fish decides he’s had enough and hops down from the side of the boat, and is ready to go on his way.

Some fishing tales you can’t just tell without people doubting you, so these guys are super lucky they got this all on camera! Otherwise we’d just think they had a little too much drink and a little too much sun out on the lake!