Who needs a boat when you have this?

Who needs a boat when you have this?

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Boats? Where we’re going we don’t need boats…

Or a pier for that matter! Most people are normal and fish off the coast, pier, or a boat, but this guy had other plans. He decided to take it upon himself to fish off of an inflatable unicorn! Now I know what you’re thinking, why, right? Well Alex Peric does it for the challenge.

Equipped with his Sick Stick Rod, Shimano Reel, and some Craw, Alex set out on his inflatable unicorn in search for some bass.

No… seriously he’s out there on a pool toy.

You may think this isn’t much of a challenge or difference than fishing off a boat. The real challenge is leverage, as sitting on an inflatable gives you none.

I’m not giving up, it’s been an hour and 30 minutes!”

After waiting so long, it seems he finally makes a catch. Peric starts reeling with excitement, only to be met with a stick. Talk about disappointment, you could hear it in the poor guys voice. Finally, after what seems like forever, Alex finally snags what seems to be a big one. His excitement can hardly be contained as he pulls the bass out of the water to be admired by himself and the camera!